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Our stationary shelving offers the most economical solution for filing and storage needs.

Full visibility allows one-touch retrieval.

Modular design offers mixed media flexibility and easy reconfiguration when moving to a mobile system or into another area.  Shelving models are available in 16 standard colors; custom colors optional.






Available in 36”, 42” & 48” widths.

Single-face depths: 9”, 12”, 15” & 18”. 

Double-face depths: 18”, 24”, 30” & 36”

Heights: 65”, 76”, 86”, 97”  Custom configurations available.

Filing and Storage Systems

Text Box: Lateral Movable Files are designed to organize files into a compact area, thereby reducing the travel time for access - while maximizing filing capacity in a minimum of floor space. Available in 2-row or 3-row configurations. By eliminating needless aisles, movable files can reduce floor space dedicated to filing by 50%.  Documents in one compact area are easy to find and filing and retrieval times are reduced by up to 35%.

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File Room Design

***We Can Help 

If your filing problems can be solved with Mobile Aisle, let us help you get it right! Our filing experts can design a system to fit your filing area perfectly….and, if needed, can help with creating an end tab filing system tailored to your needs.

Save Space  *  Improve Efficiency

Easy to Install………….Simple to Relocate

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When high density storage problems arise and there is a need for a space-efficient and economical solution, Avco Business Systems provides an answer. Kwik-File a leading manufacturer of specialty storage and filing equipment is committed to maximizing capacity and increasing productivity offering a variety of storage solutions to meet your specific storage requirements. Avco’s professional staff offers free design service and expertise to ensure your project's success from beginning to end. Ask for a professional assessment of your storage project today


The most economical solution for filing and storage

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